Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Den Dues ($15/quarter)

Thank you all for your input and time in helping plan our calendars for 2008.  We are looking forward to an exciting year and a lot of activities that will increase the Scouts in the areas of citizenship training, character development and fitness.  In adjusting our calendars we have placed most of the activities on Mondays to keep with the current schedule.  We also took a close look at the costs needed to cover these activities, facility rental and supplies to determine the minimum offset needed by each Scout.  Starting January 1, 2008, the quarterly den dues will be $15.00.


These fees will be tracked by each Scout and the amount remaining at the end of September will be applied towards pack level dues.  These fees along with fundraising monies will pay for the following activities doing the next six months:


Aliso Canyon Conservation Project (Aliso Canyon)

Beach Volleyball (Alicia Park)

Cub Socks Baseball (Oso Viejo Community Park)

Egg Bowling (Saddleback Lanes)

Fool's "Flag" Football (Oso Viejo Community Park)

Good Turn Flag Placement (Lake Forest Memorial)

Howling Evening Hike (Back to Natives)

Howling Wolves Camping (Oso Lake)

Red Rock Canyon Hike (Whiting Ranch)

Robber's Cave Expedition (Aliso Canyon)

Biking into Summer (Sycamore Park)


Our next planning meeting for Summer 2008 will be in late April.  Thank you all for helping make this an exciting and educational program for the Scouts.

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