Friday, December 21, 2007

2008 Den Dues

As every parent knows in our group I am very huge on planning.  A well planned program is the foundation to the success of Cub Scouting.  One of these items is securing a fixed meeting location in 2008 at the Norman Center (starting in February) to help ensure the Scouts have a place to work on achievements in the handbook and prepare themselves to advance through the program.  The facility does come at a cost about $3/month for each Scout.


Currently, Cub Scouts in our Den are paying $1/week at the Pack Level ($52/year) to cover the cost of their handbook, hat, neckerchief and slide (~$30.00), an average of about 5 beltloops/pins a year (~$10.00), rental of pack meeting facility, group camping reservations and other administrative/supplies needed for the pack.  The Pack Committee continues to make efforts to keep the cost of the Pack program to a minimal and is currently working with the District to maintain the current cost of the pack meeting facility.  The additional $23/yr that is paid covers the annual Boy Scouts registration, boys’ life subscription (required as a Quality Unit for every Scout to have his own copy) and insurance.


Since, at the Den Level, we are a smaller group than the pack our cost to offset facility rental is slightly higher and we would still need to require the hosting family for each month to cover the cost for drinks and snacks for the kids.  I am also a big fan of reserve funds to help cover surprise ice cream party, water balloons in the summer, materials to build kites and other fun things for the Scouts to learn.


As we begin to plan for 2008 and determine the amount of funding we will have for such activities I would like to ask the Akelas to reply with an amount they would be willing to pay in Den Dues each quarter (every three months) to help ensure our Den has a solid program throughout the year.  The amount is additional to specific activity fees (ie, bowling shoe rentals, movie & facility admissions, etc.).


As mentioned the Norman Center is $10/quarter and maybe we double that amount as an estimate of other expenses.  In any case the amounts remaining in the Den (allocated by Scout) at the end of next year would be applied towards their Pack Level Dues.


Please reply with an amount your family would be comfortable to pay each quarter in Den Dues.  Thank you all for helping us plan for a successful program in 2008.

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