Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mistletoe Fundraiser Update

After two (2) weekends of trying to locate a suitable location to obtain Mistletoe along with obtaining the required permits we have finally secured our first bunch of the parasite.


Over the last couple of weeks we performed due diligence and obtained a permit from the US Department of Forestry to gather 90 gallons (3-30 gallon bags) a day from the Cleveland Forest and reviewed the City Regulations for Lake Forest (Only tree protected is the eucalyptus under the Lake Forest Eucalyptus Tree Conservation Ordinance to control the longhorn borer during certain periods of the year).


However, last weekend we surveyed Holy Jim Trail out in Trabuco Canyon and after a couple hours and a quick rest at the Falls we headed back to the trailhead empty handed.  This was pretty disappointing but still an experience.  On the way out of the canyon and down El Toro I noticed the trail was lined with trees infested by the parasite and made arrangements to visit the trail this weekend.


Good News!  Within 30 minutes this evening we were successful in securing a small quantity (30-50 bags) and will prepare this for sale tomorrow.  If the volume of sales proves successful we can move forward with the Den fundraiser.  I will update everyone on Monday regarding how the sales went and if we are going to move forward with the fundraising idea for the Den next weekend.


Special thanks to Mr. Fatigate for offering his Ralph’s Store for the fundraiser.

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