Monday, December 3, 2007

Mistletoe Fundraiser

Great News!  This weekend, after selling Mistletoe on Sunday from 1-5PM in Costa Mesa, Master Rigel raised $301.00 ($75/hour) for our Den to use towards activities and expenses in 2008.  These funds will help the Den secure a meeting location at the Norman Center to help relieve the stress addressed by some of the parents about having a couple dozen people in their house during the months they are selected to Host the Den Meeting and Outing.


Based on these initial results it is our desire to move forward with this fundraiser for our Den.  We have two weekends available for raising money and we will need everyone to help make this happen.  I do want to thank Mr. Clem and Mr. Fatigate for keeping me on track and accountable the last couple of weeks as we tested the waters.  And I cannot forget to thank my wife for spending a couple hours on Saturday night packaging the Mistletoe.


There are various tasks that will need to be completed as a group in order to make this a success.  The first is arranging for 2-3 parents to help cut down the Mistletoe on both Thursday, December 6th and 13th from about 4:30 to 5:30. (Also we need a ladder.  Mr. Clem has a 14’ folding ladder available, however he mentioned it was a little on the heavy side.  If any parent has a ladder that is about the same height that might be more suitable, please reply).


We will also need 3-4 parents to sign up to package the Mistletoe on Friday, December 7th and 14th from about 6:00 to 7:30 (Location TBD).  Sign up sheets will be available tonight at the State of the City address at City Hall.  Remember to bring cameras!  (Also I cannot thank everyone enough, including Mrs. Simpson for helping the Nodar Family during their month in getting the meetings and outings planned.  – Thank you!)


Lastly, we will need to assign shifts and locations during the weekends for the Scouts to actually sell the Mistletoe.  We have 10 Scouts (Master Brian, Drew, Mason, Nathan, Rigel, Sean, Stojan, Sean, Toby, and William) and 16 Shifts so we are looking for each Scout to help with at least two shifts.  Based on this last weekend the kids were pretty taxed after 3 hours.  The shifts will be Sat or Sun, 1-4 and 2-5 at either a Mission Viejo Store (TBD) or Ralph’s in Costa Mesa.


Our main goal is to raise $1,000 to send our Den to Oso Lake for a Camping Weekend.  However, in order to help motivate the Scouts to do their personal best we put together a list of Individual prizes that will be available based on how much a Scout sells in Mistletoe:


Individual Awards (Pick One, based on selling level)

$100    Mistletoe Patch (Awarded to all Scouts selling over $100)


$250    1) Coleman Sundome 5x7 Tent

            2) 2-Mantle Lantern w/ Case

            3) First Aid Kit

            4) SportCat Catalytic Tent Heater

            5) $25.00 Scout Stuff or Coleman Gift Certificate


$500    1) Colman Sundome 5x7 Tent, Andover Sleeping Bag and Rest Easy Pad

            2) 2-Mantle Lantern w/ Case, PowerPack Single Burner Stove and Lantern Hanger

            3) First Aid Kit, Binocular, Map Compass, Folding Shovel, Axe, Pocket Knife and Rope

            4) SportCat Catalytic Tent Heater, 2L Hydration Backpack and 5G PVC Camp Shower

            5) $50.00 Scout Stuff or Coleman Gift Certificate


Thank you all for hanging in there as we get this fundraiser started and I look forward to seeing everyone tonight.

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