Friday, December 14, 2007

UPDATE: Mistletoe Fundraising, Awards & Camping

I have added a Monday to the list of days for those that are not available Saturday or Sunday. As it gets close to the Holidays the weekends do get a little crazy so please let me know if Monday is better for you... Thanks.

Master Drew

Master Stojan

Master Toby

We are also looking for one (1) more Scout to help Master Mason on Sunday.

Tentative Schedule:

Mission Viejo* (Location TBD or Ralph’s on Rancho Santa Margarita Parkway)

Saturday Afternoon (12-2) – Sean & William

Sunday Morning (12-2) – Mason & __________

Lake Forest (Albertson’s Ridge Route and Muirlands)

Monday Evening (4-6) – __________ & __________

Costa Mesa (Ralph’s on 17th Street)

Sat/Sun – Brian & Nathan

* Mr. Fatigate is looking to see if another store is available as some Akelas expressed concerns of the possibility of the same customers and less volume doing it at the same store from last weekend.

Thank you all for your time and resources into this fundraiser. It really makes a difference for our program in 2008.

Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 10:47 AM
To: 'Don Clem'; 'Dragica Hansen'; 'Gaby Nodar'; 'Howard Thomas'; 'Ian Prosser'; 'Janice Simpson'; 'John Nodar'; 'Michael Fatigate'; 'Reannah Sartoris'
Subject: Mistletoe Fundraising, Awards & Camping

We will be selling Mistletoe again this weekend and we are already filling spots quickly! Please pick a date and location for your Scout to help raise funds. This activity helps build character in responsibility and cooperation. We are looking at the weekend of January 19-20 for the Den Camping Trip to Oso Lake. Remember that Scouts raising $100 earn a Mistletoe Patch and their Camping Fees will be fully covered by the Den. Also check out the Individual Prizes for Scouts. If you are not able to make the January 19-20 Camping Trip, please let me know as we have a Pack Camping scheduled for the last week in March.

Selling Update: The Den is looking for two (2) Scouts to cover each location, date and time below and it is filling quickly. Also based on a couple emails I will see about having a weekday event in the evening from 6:45 to 8:00 on Monday to help accommodate the Scouts (Please reply, if you are still interested in a weekday event). Sign up sheets will be available at Home Depot on Thursday, too.

Tentative Schedule:

Mission Viejo (Location TBD or Ralph’s on Rancho Santa Margarita Parkway)

Saturday Afternoon (1-5) – Sean & __________

Sunday Morning (8-12) – Mason & __________

Sunday Afternoon (1-5) – Rigel & __________

** Please note the times are a range and Scouts should limit their time to about two (2) hours and those that sign up will be in contact with the others that have signed up during the same slot to arrange the time frame they will be participating and communicate that time with me.

Costa Mesa (Ralph’s)

Saturday/Sunday – Brian & Nathan

Please reply with your availability this weekend. Thanks,

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