Sunday, December 9, 2007

Salesmenship & Cub Scouting

Yes, the correct title is Salesmanship. In my opinion, it takes a team, working together, in order to sell and this weekend our Scouts did a wonderful job at the task and it was fun watching the Cub Scouts develop their own techniques and tag lines. Including the one I liked from the William & Drew Team was “Industrial Strength Mistletoe” and could not get enough laughs from the Toby & Stojan Team song, “Mistletoe, Mistletoe. I shot my toe and need to get a new one!”.

I also heard some wonderful ideas that came from the parents to help increase the sells and I encourage the Akelas to communicate with these with their Scouts to help direct them over the next week.

We owe a special thanks to the Scouts of Troop 711 who welcomed us into their territory with open arms and especially for taking up the role and helping lead the Cub Scouts in their project at the Costa Mesa Store on Saturday. This confirms my belief in the very important role a Den Chief plays and how critical they are to the overall development of our Scouts in the program. The older Scouts helped the Cubs make signs and spent one-on-one time with the Scouts to help them develop a strategic method to sell.

Overall the two (2) days we raised about $350! These funds will help us offset the Den Camping Trip to Oso Lake in the coming months. This leads me to our next matter of business in which I will write a separate email. We need to set out a 12-Month Calendar for next year to help us plan.

Congratulations to the Scouts for a wonderful job this weekend.

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