Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mistletoe Plans, please reply with your schedule...

Based on the initial test run on the Mistletoe we cut down one (1) branch and packaged an amazing 75 bags. Covering one (1) exit of the store we sold an average of about15-20 (17.5) bags an hour over the course of 4 hours.

Working in teams of two (2) the parents at the meeting on Monday felt it was most beneficial. There was a little discussion on the amount of time and most agreed that each day should be limited to just two hours each weekend for the Scouts. A couple mentioned their Scout could do a little longer (3 hours) and I think the best way to handle this is to leave it up to the parents.

Based on our limited number of Scouts (8-9) we need to determine which two Scouts will sign up to cover which location and day. It will be up to each team to determine the best time for their Scouts (2 to 3 hours between 12P to 5PM) and let me know what time they will be setting up and closing down so I can adjust my schedule. Currently we have Sunday in Mission Viejo covered by Stojan and Toby and Costa Mesa on the same day covered by Nathan and possibly Brian. We still need help on this Saturday, weather permitting.

This Weekend:

Mission Viejo Ralph’s

Saturday – _____ & _____ (TBD)

Sunday – Toby & Stojan (1-3)

Costa Mesa Ralph’s

Saturday – Rigel & _____ (TBD)

Sunday – Nathan & Brian (1-4)

We have a couple spots still open for this weekend. If you have not already signed up to sell Mistletoe, please let me know what day & time is best for you along with which location.

I would also like to put the request out again if any parent has a light weight folding ladder for us to use on tomorrow around 3:30/4:00 to cut down the parasite. Don and Mike have volunteered to cut down Mistletoe and help with packaging this week. Anyone else that likes crafts and can tie, bag and label mistletoe, please reply.

Some supplies we need for these upcoming weekends include:

Folding table, preferably rectangle or suitable size to fit in a trunk

(Please bring your own seating if you want to have a place to seat other than the ground)

We can supply each team with $25 in initial change (2 $5 and 10 $1). I strongly recommend that personal funds not be in the parents pockets when the Scouts start selling the Mistletoe and begin handing the parents the money. The Den will provide everything, but as mentioned above if any parent has a folding table, please reply as we only have one as of right now.

Also when parents reply, please include which day next weekend you would like to help sell Mistletoe as well and if you are available on Friday for packaging. We have this Thursday for cutting Mistletoe down from the trees handled and if any parent is available next Thursday we can put you down as part of the gathering team.

Special thanks in advance for pitching in and helping these Scouts earn there trip to Oso Lake for a fun-filled camping weekend. Our goal is $1,000!

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