Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pack 766 Website Officially Launches

Last weekend the Leaders & Committee Members voted to officially launch the Website of Pack 766 ( to help Akelas and Scouts stay informed and access valuable resources to help them in enhancing the Scouting Experience for their boys.  This new site has been a few months in the making and is made possible through the dedication and hard work of Mr. Puchalski, Den Leader of the Tiger Scouts.


Last month I forwarded a link to the “test/beta” site that was being hosted on Mr. Puchalski Family Website along with a password to some restricted areas.  This password is still the same and allows you greater access to Calendars and Photos.


We hope you enjoy this added feature to our family of resources and keep an eye on the site as it changes almost everyday.  You can also link to our Blog’ from the site as well to find out detailed information relating to our Den.


Again special thanks to Mr. Puchalski.

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