Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pack Meeting Recap

Thank you to all the parents that came to the pack meeting last night. It was exciting to have the Mayor of Mission Viejo and the Orange County Register Reporter (please keep an eye out for articles) at our very own Pack Meeting.

As the Scouts gathered in for the meeting the Mayor invited Scouts to fill out Holiday Cards to the Troops spending time away from their families during this time of year. Cubmaster Stroud & Mayor Kelley offered the opportunity to all the Scouts and Siblings to pick up a card and spend as few minutes as we got things organized for the evening.

The flag ceremony was lead by the Tiger Cubs

We reviewed the upcoming Casper’s Campout, Pinewood Derby Event, Snow Play (Big Bear) and spent some time surfing around the various links and resources available to the Akelas of Pack 766 on our new website ( Mrs. Dalphy invited parents to volunteer their time at the Pack Level to help with Scout-O-Rama and to train to become our next Cubmaster and Committee Chair. Our Pack does not exist without the active participation from the parents. I do want to thank those within our Den that have volunteered to help with our Planning and Steering committee next week as this will help in guiding our Den and I encourage every parent, that has time, to volunteer at the Pack.

Following the announcements, Mrs. Baker helped with a skit that got Cubmaster Stroud nicely dressed up for an overview of Celebrations around the World as we brought the Scouts on stage for their monthly awards.

Congratulations to the following Scouts of Den 6:

Master Brian (Leave No Trace Award*, Outdoor Activity Award, Ice Skating, Swimming and Tennis Beltloops)

Master Mason (Outdoor Activity Award)

Master Nathan (Math, Marbles, Fishing, Bicycling, Soccer Beltloops, Sports Letter, Bicycling, Fishing and Soccer Pins)

Master William (Heritages Beltloop, Sports Letter & Golf Pin)

Note: The cut-off for next month awards and achievements for the January 15 meeting is the den meeting on January 7 (please bring your summary sheets or send me an email) where we will be building the “Official” Derby Car of Den 6 and helping Scouts use coping saws and other tools to create their very own entry. Mrs. Prosser has offered to host the activity at her house as we are still waiting for the construction to be completed on our future home at the Norman Center (more information to follow). * The Leave No Trace Award Overview was removed from the schedule prior to the final printing and we will look at including it at our next Pack Meeting.

To start our program we invited a couple Scouts to quickly come on stage to perform a one minute skit on Helpfulness (Cub Scouting Values: Resourcefulness, Citizenship & Responsibility). We had technically difficulties with showing the Pack the video from the Scouts Citizenship training activity at City Council and moved into inviting the Scouts & Akelas on stage to present them with a Citizenship Certificate on behalf of Pack 766 and the City of Mission Viejo. During this time Mayor Kelley also presented each Scout a City of Mission Viejo Lapel Pin as a thank you for their performance at City Council. It was also with great pleasure that we presented the Mayor with a gift from Saddleback District Commissioner, Bill Grennell as a token for her time and commitment in “lighting” the way for Cub Scouts over her many years of service, ... also a coffee mug to help her stay awake as she continues in her service in the years to come. I do want to apologize as I rushed through the presentation to Den 6 as we were already past our hour of time following the announcements and awards.

On that note, I do want to mention that Congressmen Miller also sent the Cub Scouts of Den 6 a US Flag flown over the US Capital in Washington DC as a thank you for performing the Citizenship Activity at Council and for their commitment to the Cub Scout Promise to do their duty to God and Country. I elected to hold off on the presentation to the den of the US Flag as, in my opinion, such an event should not be rushed and we can schedule it in for next month.

I want to express a special thank you to the families that stayed beyond our normal time to listen to the Mayor’s overview on the value of character development. Her example of guardrails was wonderful in visualizing the strength of character in keeping us focused when life steers us in different directions. She was wonderful at getting the Scouts involved and got them interacting with the presentation. Our pack would like the thank Mayor Kelley for staying with us through and after the meeting to talk to the Scouts about character development and the Community of Character Program in Mission Viejo.

Cubmaster Stroud closed the evening with holiday wishes to the families and personally thanking the Mayor for her time and commitment to the Boy Scouts of America.

Upcoming Events:

12/28 @ 7:00PM – 2008 Den Steering & Planning Meeting, Foothill Ranch

1/7 @ 6:30PM – Den Meeting @ Prosser’s Residence

1/12 @ 9:00AM – Snow Play, Big Bear (FORMS REQUIRED – Class 1 Medical and Waiver) - Forms Section

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