Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Patches and Awards

A Patch is quick recognition of a Cub Scouts accomplishment. The first question from new Akelas (Parents) is, “Where do I put the Patches on the uniform.”.

First there are three (3) primary categories for Cub Scout patches. 1) Advancements, 2) Awards, and 3) Accomplishments


An advancement is a permanent insignia or “Badge” on the “Left Pocket” of the Uniform.


An award is a temporary insignia and is placed on the “Right Pocket” of the Uniform. Only one award can be worn at a time!


An accomplishment is a “Patch”! These are not worn on the Uniform! These are displayed on a Sash or other method of display.

Note: The Outdoor Activity Award is worn on the Flap of the Right Pocket.

Last night I wanted to show a quick example and wore an award for completing the Scout Leadership Conference and placed the Patch on my left pocket by mistake so I did not earn the Uniform Inspection Patch L! Some Scouts really want to wear other patches that are earned on their uniform, however, in an effort to help the Scout show his accomplishments the Scout Store have products available to help in displaying accomplishments (see below).

Placement detail is provided in the Wolf Handbook. You can also download a Uniform Inspection Sheet online at

Vests, Blankets and Sashes - Displaying Scout Accomplishments

As new and existing Scouts start earning merits, awards and patches it is a wonderful idea to display these so other Scouts can be encouraged to ask questions on how Patches are earned and then make efforts to push themselves on completing the same goals. These also serve as a reminder of their hard work.

These Patches can be attached to a jacket, sweater or an official sash. You can also attach them to a blanket or vest available from the Scout Store (address insert) or online at The sash also gets them use to how Merits are displayed in Boy Scouts after they earn their Arrow of Light and make that bridge into the Boy Scouts.

Here is lists of the products mentioned above that are available for purchase:

Merit Badge Sash - $4.99 (30”)

Patch Vest - $12.49

Classic Patch Blanket - $20.99

Also, once the Scout earns his first (Sports/Academic) Pin he will be presented with a “Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Letter” (Patch) for displaying his pins. The Pin is a not the same as a beltloop and requires additional requirements to complete and can be challenging and also rewarding at the same time. If you have any questions on Patches or where a patch is placed, please call me.

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program

Speaking of Beltloops and Pins (Devices) our Pack offers the Academic and Sports Program as an extension of the Cub Scouts Program to help the kids achieve physical strength (Sports) and remain mentally awake (Academics). As mention by Janice there is a website available for Akelas to help review the requirements of this program. These accomplishments are on an honor based system and in order to be placed on the agenda for recognition at a pack meeting I need to receive an email by the second Tuesday of the month (or a week prior to the Pack Meeting).

To find out more about the Academics and Sports Program check out (Thanks Janice)

Search, Discovery, Share

As busy parents we have to rely on one another to get us through this program and part of the Cub Scout Motto is to share. If you have special information to share with the Den about events, outings, please do not be shy. Please email everyone! If you are going on a hike or beach trip and want some company send an email and see how the schedule looks for everyone and who knows you might have a Pack of Wolves showing up to have FUN!


On a side note I am posting all my announcement emails to a Blog as I am still getting errors when trying to email various Akelas and I am extremely sorry as I have no control over the emails after they leave my computer. The web address for the Blog is: This blog will be made private in the coming week so look for your invitation to join the Blog by the end of next week.

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