Monday, November 19, 2007

November Outing Recap - Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Wolf Scouts & Akelas,

Special Thanks to our Akela Clem (Host) and Master Brian (Denner for November) for a wonderful event at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary on November 18.


Scouts attending:








If you were not able to attend the meeting, please call or email me with any accomplishments that were completed since our last meeting.  At the meeting various forms were handed out to help us update records and organize our mutual records.


During the start of our meeting we learned the huddled that will be used to remind ourselves to “Do my best” at being quiet and respectful and as we walked through the Sanctuary.  I encourage everyone to practice the Huddle as it will serve as a reminder on our future Sc-Outings, Pack and Den Meetings.  Thank you Akelas for playing along with us and in the future I will ask the Akelas to say “Quiet you Wolves” and forgot to change the wording on the agenda.


This meeting was officially my first meeting as our Den Leader and I want to thank everyone for your support.  We also appointed our first Denner, Master Clem.  This role will change based on the Host Family each month.  Once we have located a Den Chief from a local Troop the Denner will be more under the direction of the Chief.


At our Den Meeting we used the US Flag Shoulder Patch of Master Brian as our Official Flag for our meeting.  It was not a bad idea; however I wanted to present the idea to the Akelas of our Den to see if we should pitch in and purchase a US Flag and Den Flag.  The cost of the Den Flag (12.91) and the US Flag (17.24), is $30.15.


We might be able to use some of the profit from our upcoming Den Fundraiser (Mistletoe) or take a $3-4 collection from all the Akelas.  I will let everything think about the idea and after the Den Fundraiser we will have a better idea on what our Den Budget will be for 2008.


I also encouraged the Scouts to finish up on Achievement 8 by helping plan and prepare a meal at home.  If you need the notes for October, please send me an email and I can forward them.  We started this month talking about the people that protect our world.  Some of these people include grant writers, scholars and all of us.


As we visited the fire areas and drove through the Canyon affected by the recent fire it was important to introduce Achievement 4 and 9 on being prepared and being safe.  The Scouts were challenged to make emergency plans for their home and talk to their families on setting up plans and reviewing what we all can do to help (Wolf Handbook, pages 60-63 and 82-85).


As we finished up our quick 10 minute overview of the achievements to work on over the next month we got everyone out of their seats with “The Grand Old Duke of York” and headed across the street to the Sanctuary to begin our Sc-Outing.


While looking at all the various Eagle Projects we learned about the life and habitat of the opossum.  This was followed by Bird Watching, Plant Walk and a visit to the Center’s Office where we got hands-on with a snake.  This was a very exciting place and meeting Cracker was worth the time.


Following our tour we gathered for a snack and talked about what birds eat and the stuff they use for nesting.  Now we will have a chance in the coming weeks to tour Home Depot and build a birdhouse to finish Elective 13 and work on more advancement.


One of the parents asked about the beads for completing tasks and they are still on recall and the new ones are not yet available so I would like to suggest at this point we use leather lace and normal beads.  Any idea is a good idea so feel free to think about what we might use instead of the normal item.  For more information, check out Scout Stuff (

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