Monday, November 12, 2007

Pack Meeting Surprise <- Must Read

Shhhh...   Ice Cream will be served at the Pack Meeting!



Pack Meeting – November 13, 2007, 6:30PM

On behalf of the Pack Committee I am being asked to keep a secret!  I have not done Elective 1 (“It’s a Secret”) in the Wolf Handbook so I might get myself in trouble!

(Destroy this message after you finish reading it and checking to make sure there is gas in the car and your schedule is open for tomorrow.)


Ok, seriously IT IS A SECRET!  Please do not tell the Scouts, but we need to tell you in order to make sure you and your Scout(s) do not miss the ICE CREAM Party – TOMORROW!



Castile Elementary School

24042 Via La Coruna

Mission Viejo, CA

Map & Directions




Note:  If you or your Scout is lactose intolerant or has other health restrictions that would prevent him from eating Ice Cream, please be sure to bring an alternate desert reward so they can be a part of the celebrations.


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