Friday, November 16, 2007

Pack Website

Hopefully everyone knows our Den has a Blog ( to help ensure all the Akelas have access to the announcement emails and to help remind everyone of special events and provide a quick list of links to available resources. Also any attachment will be available for download along the left side of the Blog. It has been set up so that I just send the same email that is sent to Akelas to a special email address and presto it appears on the Blog.

Over the last couple years our Pack Website has taken on various forms and it is currently being managed through the volunteer efforts of Mr. Peter Puchalski. He has designed a very nice site that he maintains on his family’s server. He also has safeguards in place to help protect our Scouts (such as, password protected photo access and so forth). If you get a chance, check out the site at The password to access the photos is currently “(contact me for password)“. I have also created a quick signature for my emails that contains the links to all sites that deal directly with our Den.

Have a Great Weekend and look forward to seeing everyone at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary.

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