Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Den Records Update - Ice Cream TONIGHT!

NOTE: If your Scout has any beltloops, pins, Bobcat or Merits (Leave No Trace, Outdoor Activity and so forth) that have NOT been presented or communicated to me directly - please let me know this morning, if possible. In the future all reports will be submitted to the Pack following our Den Meetings. Please accept my personally apology if this information was already communicated prior to my appointment as Den Leader.

Den 6 Akelas!

Tonight during the Pack Meeting I will have the attached forms with me in folders for each Cub Scout. These records will accompany the Den on our Meetings and Outings and serve as the Official Den Record.

Achievement Report - This summary report will track the Cubs progress towards Wolf and Arrow Points. (Also very nice one page summary)

Belt Loops & Pin Report - Our Pack & Den use the Sports Pin Program in order to offer an extended reward system and encourage our Cubs to fulfill the Mental & Fitness Goal of the BSA

A new summary of these reports will be emailed before each future Den Meeting so we can correctly update our mutual records. Do not worry about updating these before tonight as I will have these filled out for each Scout according to what is already in the system and we will pick up revised and updated forms at Tucker this weekend.

Please encourage your Scout to wear a belt with his earned Belt Loops! I am wearing my Baloo Pin :)

One time forms:

The second attachment contains one-time forms that need to be on file. Please complete the medical record as much as possible. For compliance with government regulations the Medical Record, once complete, will be placed in a seal Medical Record Envelope and will only be made available in the event a medical treatment is required or to those people with Court Orders. If your religious beliefs prohibit certain medical procedures we MUST have those in writing BEFORE an emergency arises, otherwise Informed Consent for Medical Treatment (until Parental Notification/Arrival) is fully granted to the BSA Organization, Employees and Volunteers thus ultimately physicians and/or other trained personnel will treat in the best medical interest of the injured person. We hope a medical emergency never arises during the program; however, we must make sure we are “prepared”. (Please list at least one family member NOT living with the child as an emergency contact on the Medical Form.)

If you do not have a printer or access to a printer I will also have these forms tonight at the Pack Meeting

Remember ICE CREAM Party – TONIGHT! (It’s a Secret)

Castile Elementary School

6:30 PM


Other Notes:

Rancho Las Flores – Farewell Event Registration and Fees due today to register with the Den/Pack – Last Day to Register on your own is Wednesday. $7-$20

2008 Program Renewal – If you have not paid for 2008, please make efforts to bring full payment tonight if you are renewing. If you are not renewing for 2008 you are still entitled to continue with the program through the end of the year. $75.00 Note: If you have financial issues that will prevent full payment tonight, please just communicate that with us so we can make payment arraignments and make sure your Scout is included with your communications to Council later this week.

I know I am forgetting something!

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