Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blue & Gold - Achievement Schedule

Dear Den 6 Akelas,

Blue & Gold is just around the corner. This is the Annual Event where the Cubs are presented their rank. For our Scouts they will be receiving their Wolf Patch and will be officially recognized as a Wolf Scout.*

This requires us to complete a lot of fun tasks!

According to some conversations with the Akelas the Cubs have completed the basics for Achievement 1 and the start of 2 at the first Den Meeting in September. In October we completed Achievement 2 and covered the requirements for Achievement 8 while introducing Your Living World (Achievement 7). We will complete Achievement 7 with a small talk about ecology and three things that are outside influences on our Hike at Tucker. (Please tell me or Don know if you will not be attending the hike at the Pack Meeting, call or by reply email) Also if you are heading down to Camp Pendleton this weekend make the check for the total amount EXCEPT for the dinner as we will pay at the event for Dinner on Saturday.

If you are not able to make the Pack Meeting and still want to come down to Camp Pendleton – it is there last event as the facility is closing, please send me a quick email or call me.

I spent some time this morning to work on a formal time achievement schedule to make sure we are ready for the Blue & Gold Ceremony in February.

November 18 – Tucker (Achievement 7, Achievement 4 & 9 (Intro), Elective 13)

December 1 – Home Depot Tour & Building Project (Achievement 5, Achievement 6 (Intro))

December 3 – Mission Viejo Library (Achievement 10, Achievement 11 (Intro))

January 7 – Norman Center* (Achievement 9, Achievement 6 – Show & Tell, Achievement 2)

February 4 – Norman Center* (Achievement 12)

I want to thank the Simpson’s for helping with the Home Deport idea for December in order to relieve the pressure off the Nodars while Gaby is busy with the three kids. *Starting in January we are attempting to have the meetings held at the Norman Center. This will enable the Host Family to relax about 20+ people in their house and enable the family to help plan a monthly outing with the kids to work on electives and fun projects!

If we stick to the schedule above all of our Cubs will be ready for the Blue & Gold Ceremony in February. This is an exciting time for the Cubs and is truly exciting.

The program does not end in February and we will move forward with monthly outings and working on electives, patches, belt loops and pins along with helping the Cubs earn their Leave No Trace, Outdoor Activity Patch or Device (Pin), World Conversation and put into practice the last Achievement on Making Choices.

P.S. Bobcat Badge - Akelas can ask to have Bobcats presented at a Pack Meeting or wait for the annual Blue & Gold ceremony. In either case the Bobcat is traditionally presented to the Cub “upside down” to challenge them to do a good deed and at a Den Meeting is rotated by their Akela when they talk about what they did as a good deed. Please let me know if your Scout is waiting for their Bobcat!

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