Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Congratulations to the following Scouts for their accomplishments:


Bobcat Advancements

First step to your Arrow of Light – Congratulations!

Master Toby

Master Stojan

Master Sean

Master Nathan

Master Drew

Master Luke (Bear)


Outdoor Activity Award*

Master William

Master Toby

Master Rigel


Leave No Trace Award**

Master William

Master Rigel


Academics and Sports Program Recipients

Belt Loops

Master William (Golf, Swimming)

Master Toby (Archery, BB Gun, Fishing, Marbles, Soccer & Chess)

Master Rigel (Bowling)



 * Outdoor Activity Award is attached to the Left Pocket Flap of the Uniform. Devices can now be earned every year.

** Leave No Trace Award is a “Temporary Insignia” and can be attached to the right pocket.


(Please accept my personal apology for mixing up the “labeled” packets.  Please let me know if yours was lost in the mix-up.  I want to say thank you to the Scouts for “doing a good deed” in making my mistake right.)

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