Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oso Lake Wrap-Up & Pinewood Derby is next weekend....!

From planning and fixing their own breakfast at Camp to surviving the Valley Forge Cub Winter, I want to thank all of you for giving these Scouts the opportunity to grow in so many ways. The biggest growth was watching the Scouts perform their "own" opening and closing ceremony earlier this morning.


These kids learned a lot about our Country and Flag as well as basic items they can do for survival and be safe while camping and hiking. Save those Bamboo Fishing poles for a possible quick get fishing morning sometime soon. Please encourage your Scout to always carry his whistle when hiking along with water.


We had wonderful campfire songs and special thanks to Mr. Hansen for wonderful dinner, Mr. Simpson for managing the campfire and Mr. Clem for Espressos and leading our Scouts on various hikes. Oh we cannot forget Mr. Fatigate for keeping the campfire going all night and Pancakes! Thanks to Mrs. Schumann for eggs and the entire Camp for helping make wonderful Cornbread from a Box Oven. We did not even burn the bottom! Mrs. Nodar for ensuring we had two (2) adults on shore while canoeing and Mrs. Sartoris for encouraging our little guys (Miss Rhea and Master Trevor) in preserving to their best while at camp.


It was a wonderful time!


During this weekend we finished up our Flag requirements in the Wolf Handbook along with working on items in Your Living World (liter), Cooking and Eating (outdoor meal & fixing breakfast), Family Fun (hike around lake) and of course duty to God with morning reverence. In the electives we made bamboo fishing poles, played camp bingo, helping with camp (Party), three cub songs, finding birds and listing them (bingo), fishing, bait and rules. Oh we cannot forget the wonderful team building fun of archery, sling shots, BB guns and canoeing.


Last but not least - Let's Go Camping!


Our Den Meeting in February will cover our last achievement before obtaining our Wolf Badge and that is “Making Choices”. Please remember to let me know when you are working on activities in the Wolf Handbook so I can update the records. Every achievement requires the Scouts to do something with the information that is introduced at the den meeting and covered more in-depth in the Wolf Handbook.


Congratulations to all the Scouts that made it through the night and earned a very special "White" moonlight bead for surviving a winter campout at below freezing -1C (30F).


Everything aside I want to give a special thanks to all the parents for being part of this wonderful program and making a difference to our Scouts. Like everyone at the camp this weekend we are all volunteers and are making a difference everyday in the overall development of our Scouts.


See you all at Pinewood Derby! (Let me know if you need to borrow the coping saw or other items to build your car as we are looking for 100% Den Participation) Below is a forwarded email from our Pack covering some additional information for this upcoming event next weekend.


Good Night, Good Fun and Good Warmth Tonight





From: Robertson, Mark []
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 5:25 PM
To: Robertson, Mark; Denamarie Baker; Kimberly Keen; ;;;;;;; Tom and Julie Miller;;;
Subject: Reminder - the Pinewood Derby is next weekend....!


Den Leaders - please forward to your Den,


The Pinewood Derby is almost here....  Hopefully everyone is beginning to design and build their cars for the Derby.  As a reminder the Pinewood Derby will be held next Sunday, January 27th at Flo Jo Park (at the grassy area nearest the corner of Alicia & Olympiad).  Please arrive at 9am for race car weigh-in.  I have listed the Pack Rules for the Pinewood Derby at the bottom of this email, and these will also be on our website at


Lunch will be provided and each Den has been assigned to bring something, please check with your Den leader for details.


We have a division for each Den and an Open Division for siblings and parents. Please note the Pack Rules apply to all divisions including the Open Division.  The weight of the car will be strictly enforced and can not exceed 5.0 ounces.  Each car will be weighed in at 9am (prior to the race) and upon successful weigh-in (at 5.0 ounces or less), the cars will be “held” by the race officials through the remainder of the Pinewood Derby.


Please feel free to contact me or Tom Miller for more detailed information regarding the construction of the cars or the Pinewood Derby event.  Tom can be contacted at and (949) 215 2637.  I can be reached at or (949) 581-3132.


Best success for the New Year and we will see you at the Pinewood Derby!


Mark Robertson and Tom Miller

Pinewood Derby Race Officials



1.        The car weight shall not exceed 5.0 ounces. The official race scale shall be considered final.

2.        The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

3.        The overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches.

4.        The car must have 1 ¾” clearance between the wheels.

5.        The car must have 3/8” clearance underneath the body.

6.        The wood provided in the kit must be used.  The block may be shaped any way that is desired.

7.        The wheels supplied with the kit must be used.  The wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled or rounded. You may remove the seam from the wheels.

8.        The axles supplied with the kit must be used.  They may be polished or lubricated.

9.        Wheel bearings, washers or bushings are prohibited.

10.        The car must not ride on any type of springs.

11.        The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices.

12.        No loose material of any kind, such as lead shot, may be used.

13.        If you chose to use a previous made car it will be ran Open Division.

14.        If your car jumps the track it might be ran backwards, if it still has problems it might be disqualified.


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