Sunday, January 6, 2008

Den Meeting - Monday

It is time for our Monthly Den Meeting where we get together and introduce new achievements for the month and verify past achievements were completed. Please bring the forms handed out at the Home Deport Outing or use our new online achievement tracking though Google.

Supplies needed for each Scout

Full Scout Uniform with proper insignia and devices

Pinewood Derby Car Kit**

Protective Eye Wear

Wolf Handbook

Scout Spirit

** Kits were distributed to each Scout at the Pack Meeting in December. If you did not receive the Kit, please let me know.

This meeting we will be using power tools (jigsaw and belt-sander) and coping saws to help each Scout build their Pinewood Derby Car. Orange County Council Boy Scouts of America has granted a Permit for this meeting on the condition that each Scout is accompanied by their Akela and wears “protective eye wear” when using the power tools. We will have a “universal” pair of protective eye wear and only encourage each Scout to secure their own if they have special needs or sensitive to latex, certain plastics or elastic.

However not specifically limited by Council I am personally extending the condition of our permit to mean that Scouts without their Akela will NOT be allowed to handle the power or manual tools. This is for their safety and protection and I apologize for any problems this might cause to parents.

Our Scout and Community of Mission Viejo Character Quality this month is Perseverance. This core value is about sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult. Enter competitions can be very stressful for Scouts and those that stick to the task and do not give up show strong character qualities of perseverance. Additional information will be available at the Den Meeting regarding this very important quality. As the parents know it is my personal goal for 2008 to introduce the Scouts to all 12 core values through the tree aims of Scouts (citizenship training, character development and fitness).

Our meeting on Monday will be held at the Mr. & Mrs. Prosser’s Residence at 6:30P in Mission Viejo.

22132 Wayside, Mission Viejo, CA (Click here for Map and Directions)

Our Denner for January is Master Toby.

On a side note, I am making efforts to fully recover for a recent bug and Mr. Clem will be the Den Leader in charge at the meeting. I might be at the meeting; however, I am not sure how well my health will be tomorrow evening as everything seems to get worse towards the end of the day. I am very happy that our group can continue without interruptions and just ask for everyone’s prayers and support during this time.

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