Friday, January 25, 2008

FW: Carden Sunday information, please email info to your dens

Here are some notes relating to this Sunday.  I would like to ask if all the Akelas are ok if I distribute by private email (not a Blog posting email) everyone’s phone number so I can help get a phone tree established as I will be making calls to everyone tonight and if we can help set up a phone tree in the future it will help ensure everyone is aware of the changes.  TGIF!


From: Dalphy, Larry []
: Thursday, January 24, 2008 9:02 PM
Subject: Carden Sunday informaton, please email info to your dens


Dear Leaders:


Please send out an email to your dens advising them of the change of location for this Sunday Pinewood Derby. Please use the following information as you see fit.


OK, we spoke to Mrs De Ailla this evening and have made arrangements to use the grounds of Carden. Carden has a nice protected area to shelter us from any rain. It may not rain at all, fingers crossed.


24741 Chrisanta Dr
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Also we have secured access to the indoor bathrooms.


Some notes;


a)       The park and play area are out of bounds due to the rain. I assured the school we would not go into these areas

b)       Access to the bathrooms is granted provided we escort any children. Access to the other areas inside the school are forbidden.

c)       We need folks to bring chairs and also any fold up tables they may have.

d)       Wear warm clothes and have fun.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please ask your den for any cancellations so we can modify the chicken order accordingly, otherwise we will be swimming in chicken.


We have also made arrangements to have the parking gates opened early so we can set up the track, etc.


Please note that we can park in the marked parking spaces at the school lot (limited space) or on the street. If the street is full we can use the Starbucks parking lot just down the street. Please do not use the church parking lots.


Alan, thanks for getting the cub scout insurance all set up.


Mark and Tom, I will meet you at the time you designate so we can set everything in motion.


Any issues please call me





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