Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Importance of a Whistle

This weekend at Oso Lake I gave the Scouts a whistle, light stick and a bottle of water prior to their hike and instructed them on the importance of each item during an outing.  This morning I got up to the alarm and the news of an Alberta Man who over the weekend became trapped in the wilderness.  And as Mr. Hansen (Richard) shared with us in the morning about the -40C (-40F) he endured in the Canadian Wilderness I was reminded of our weekend in a much warmer environment, but where a simple item can be used for survival.  What I heard next I want to share with our group.


Surrounded by a pack of coyotes “the only thing keeping them from attacking was a whistle he blew constantly”.  As trivial as a whistle may be it became a lifesaver during this man’s 96 hour ordeal in wilderness.  Please take time to share this real-life story that happened over the same weekend as our campout with your Scout.


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