Friday, January 18, 2008

Howling Campout - Final Program

Attached is the final program for this weekend I will have Kinkos print off some copies tonight.  The times and locations may change as needed based on volunteer availability and facility availability.  The most important thing is for all the Scouts to have fun.  I will be asking Akelas to volunteer in various activities in order to help ensure the program runs with full participation from everyone.  I have asked Don to help with the Hike around the Lake so I can help get us ready for the Campfire Safety and Building Session as well as get the Evening Award Ceremony ready.


Mr. Puchalski will be accompanying us for some Campfire Songs, Skits and Fun on Saturday Night.


Coming to Oso Lake you will pass the 241 and make the first left and drive slowly down into the Camp.  Once in the Campgrounds, please be extra alert for kids.  As you enter you will come to a “T” intersection and you will make a left and locate our Campsite.  We are attempting to secure “Camp Rotary” as it was recommended by the Campmaster on our visit there earlier this week.


Once you arrive and check-in you will be given a Bingo Card, along with the Program Schedule to help you in having fun locating things around camp and meet other people.  Once completed you will turn in the card to obtain a lanyard, light stick and whistle for your Scout.  We ask that each Scout wear these items while at camp and that each Akela help reinforce the importance of the “Buddy System” while at camp.


We will have some Cereals available in the morning for everyone as they arrive.  We will try to have the eggs ready by 8:15 for the group.  Don had suggested other hot items and if anyone wants to bring some items for the group and try there hands at cooking you are welcome.


One of the core values of Cub Scouting is faith and having inner strength and confidence based on our trust in God.  We ask that families help instill this into their Scouts.  Please also remember to mark your calendar for Scout Sunday on February 3 and Scout Sabbath on February 9.  Scouts should wear their uniform to services on these dates or during the week of February to their appropriate service.


At the Opening Ceremony the Scouts will practice flag ceremony and learn some history our flag.  The flag that was flown over the US Capital will be flown over Oso Lake during the weekend.  The Scouts will be have some “out of there seat” actions to get them ready for the day.


We are picking up a case of water bottles; however, you are welcome to bring additional drinks, if desired.  Remember this is our (Den 6) event and we want to make it the best for our kids.


After the Opening Ceremony we will head over to the Staging area for BB Guns, Archery and Sling Shots.  You will be asked to sign a form when you arrive at camp about the possibility of the BB Gun becoming a loaned item if it is not returned and as such certain California Laws have to be acknowledged.


Safety Afloat Class – Must be taken online ...   Please take some time to review the course and guidelines.  We are required to have 1:5 Scouts and at least two (2) adults trainined.  Currently that is Don and I; however, I would like to ask others to take the training.  Please email me the link or bring a copy of the certificate of completion so we can present it to the Campmaster, if needed.  The course takes about 15 minutes to complete.


Following the Canoes we will head over to have a picnic lunch.  Pack a good lunch!  During lunch we will have marbles available for the Scouts.


Following Lunch we will build Bamboo Poles and practicing dry casting.  Oso Lake is a catch and release lake.  Those wishing to practice casting into the water are welcome to with their Akelas and will earn a belt loop for their efforts.


Akelas will have fun over the next hour hiking around the lake.  Those Scouts carrying their fishing poles will find spots to practice casting.  The hike is a mile and a half and should take about 30 minutes to complete and an hour is allocated to give ample opportunities for fishing.


Arriving back to camp we will help the Scouts build a campfire and learn about fire safety.  Once the awards are completed we will have our evening ceremony and release the Scouts for free time.


We ask the Akelas to return to camp at 6P to begin our evening Campfire Program.


I am getting excited!  Look forward to seeing you there...


Oh there is a surprise for the campfire J

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