Friday, October 17, 2008

Pack Meeting - Coming Soon!

Belt Loops

Please let me know as soon as possible on any Belt Loops other then Communication that your Scout has earned or will earn by the Pack Meeting.


Remember the only thing we need is the poster (size does not matter) on his favorite story from the folklore or any book if he is stuck on the little samples in the book.


Also, if your Scout completed the assignment from last month and also drew a map of his neighborhood, please let me know as that does complete the requirement for the Geography Belt Loop.  I know I only challenged the Scouts to look for things 50 miles away and the requirement is 100 miles – however, I will not hold that against them for my oversight.


Adventure in Books

Please bring a gently used book to the Pack Meeting.

No the Bear Handbook does not count!  These will be donated to CHOC.


Annual Medical Form

All Scouts MUST submit an updated Class 1 Medical Form.  These are required for the safety and welfare of our youth.  Please visit our Blog to download the form.


Veterans Day Flag Placement

Please note that this project has been cancelled and the Pack is working on an alternate community service project. – Please stay tune!



This event is still in the planning – I made a mistake in stating that we had the option to do this on Tuesday.  The program is only offered now Thursday through Sunday.


Please reply which date works best for you from 6:15 – 7:15P:


Thursday, October 23

Friday, October 24

Sunday, October 26

Thursday, October 30

Sunday, November 2



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