Monday, October 13, 2008

Pack 766 Den 6 October Update - Please Reply!

Hey Akelas -

It has been a very busy month getting the kids back to school and ramping up the Scouting Program from the summer. Which I might add was a very fun summer with our Space Derby, Palomar Campout, Ice Cream on the Beach and our Bike Ride.

As we embark on another year we are very thankful to have a permanent home at New Hart Middle School and a Den Chief.

Currently, our Den Meetings are being held once a month with a Sc-Outing event for the second meeting. This seems to be the most efficient method with the various time restrictions. However, it is important that during the other weeks we take time to review in-depth the material that was present at the Den Meeting. Each month the Scouts are briefly introduced to the material and this will require them to do a little “homework” in the book.

*Write Thank you Notes

For the upcoming Pack Meeting I am urging all the parents to work with their Scout on designing a poster (size does not matter – 8 ½ by 11 is fine) on their favorite Folklore Character and also write two (2) thank you notes to their friends.

Tale Tales

During the last den meeting we review the tale of David Crockett and the facts that he was not born on a mountaintop or kil’t a bear when he was only three. In fact he was born near the Nolichucky River! It was exciting to see their interest spark when I was sharing the story with them.

*Make a Poster

This month our theme is Adventures in Books and I look forward to seeing all the posters the Scouts design related to their favorite tale from the Bear Handbook (page 48).

*Religious Writings

Also this month I want to encourage the parents to spend some time with their Scouts on exploring the religious text of their family and learn how they practice faith and how faith has played in the life of various people (page 27).

*Share a Book

At the next Pack Meeting we are asking Scouts to share in the Adventure with others in the Community and bringing a gently used book to the Pack Meeting to help the children at CHOC. This is part of Pack 766’s commitment to Community Service.


Float Designing

Special thanks to Janice for helping us in another Community Service Project as we get ready to help build the City of Mission Viejo’s Float on October 25 from 2 to 4pm. Please be sure to wear your uniform!

Updated Website

Also I wanted to let everyone know that the Den Website got upgraded over the weekend with a better file management system. Also there are direct links for Boys’ Life and our calendar. Please take a moment to look around and download forms, including medical forms, consent forms and now a checklist forms for Beltloops and Pins – which I just found out can be earned each year the Scout does a given activity with an emphasis on one of the twelve character qualities of Cub Scouting!

October 25 or 28 – Anything Planned (PLEASE REPLY)

On my way into work this morning people on the train were pointing out that the Great Park Balloon has taken on a new look for Halloween and it got me thinking.

Looking at the Den Calendar I saw an opening ...

What about getting the Scouts together on October 25 or October 28 for an evening flight around 7:00PM on the Pumpkin Flight (Yes, the Balloon is now a Pumpkin). Please let me know which date works best in the next day or so, please (Saturday or Tuesday)?

Fundraising Activities

Only one (1) more weekend left for selling Popcorn and we are very close to 100% Den participation. If you have not picked a weekend for selling, please make sure you sign up now for next weekend. If you are camping do not forget that Sunday is also an option. Thank you all for helping achieve our goal of 100%!


Let us do our Best! Let me know which date is best 10/25 or 10/28 and we can get plans started on letting the Scouts take flight in the Great Irvine Pumpkin :).

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