Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Centennial Coins - Coming Soon! (Balloon Ride Update)

Better Order yours any way possible!  Only 350,000 will be minted for the million plus Scouts, families and millions of Alumni and their families.

President Bush has signed public law (Public Law No: 110-363) last week to authorize the US Mint to create and market $1.00 Coin in 2010 for the Boy Scout Centennial.  Between all the news on the Market I totally overlooked this very exciting bill mentioned in some blogs that I follow.


The image Enjoy!

Update on the Balloon Ride - It will likely be the Tuesday mentioned and I will get permission forms signed at the Pack Meeting for the event.  It is free and siblings are welcome to come along as always.  There might be a space limitation on the balloon and we will ensure that the first flight at least has all the Scouts together and then we can have family flights and so forth.

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