Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Robbers Cave Recap

Sorry for the delay in finalizing the recap of the Robber’s Cave Expedition as I have been under the weather since the event.

Congratulations to all the Scouts that participated in the Cub Scouts High Adventure Hike to Robbers Cave (Dripping Cave) over the weekend of February 9th. Having completed the minimum two hour hike to the historic caves in Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park sixteen (16) of our Cub Scouts earned the BSA Cub Day Hiker Award. It was also a great pleasure to have a couple adventurous Tiger Scouts complete the trek.

The High Adventure Program provides an opportunity to have Cub Scouts enjoy the great outdoors and the many trails available throughout Southern California. While we were on the hike we had to opportunity to meet two other local Cub Scouts Packs.

Just moments before reaching the cave area, the Scouts came along a person who appeared to been a victim of bandits as he remained motionless on the side of the path. As the Scouts got closer, they too were confronted by the group of robbers claiming the Scouts had entered their hide out. Armed with deadly squirt guns, the robbers demanded the Scouts "Put yer hands up". Having no money or valuables, the Scouts offered knowledge in exchange for their freedom and repeated the Cub Scout Promise.

Finally reaching the cave, the Scouts enjoyed a half - hour of play time while learning about the water erosion that formed the cave similar to that of the Grand Canyon and how Rob Flores used the cave as a hide out after robbing Wells Fargo Stage Coaches between San Diego and Los Angeles in the 19th Century. The kids really enjoyed the chance to explore and we are looking forward to other great hikes. If you have ideas for hikes or other outdoor activities, please let us know as this program is run by volunteers making a difference in the life of our kids.

A special thank you is extended to Mr. Miller, Mr. Dalphy and Mr. Fisher for helping put the event together and coordinating the staged robbery on the trail . Thank you to everyone for coming and if you have any available pictures, please forward them to Mr. Puchalski or your Den Leader.

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