Thursday, February 14, 2008

FW: March 3 Boy Scouts Meeting

Well it is another month and we are still looking for a permanent meeting location.  The new date is April!

I do want to thank Ms. Sartoris who is currently working with Capo Unified and New Hart Middle School to get authorization to use a classroom at her school and Mr. Clem for working with Orange County Public Libraries in attempting to use a library as a meeting place.  We will keep our fingers crossed that one of these locations will work either temporary or permanent.

I know a lot of us have caught this nasty flu virus that is going around (me included) and I will try to get myself up to speed following this weekend.  Everyone ready for Dana Point?

Sorry for trying to cover a few topics in this email as I do not really have the energy to write a separate email; however, I would like to ask for everyone to send me an email tonight on beltloops and/or pins.  Currently I have:

Master Drew earning Skiing & Snowboarding Beltloop
Master Rigel earning Culture Beltloop
Master William earning Citizenship Beltloop

Also I have the following Scouting earning their Wolf Badge at Blue & Gold:

Master Nathan
Master William
Master Rigel
Master Mason

The following just needs to go over Making Choices and cover a little on being safe at home (please cover these in the handbook tonight and reply back):

Master Stojan
Master Sean
Master Brian


If there is anything I missed, please let me know either today or tomorrow as our deadline for submitting for Blue & Gold is tomorrow.



From: Barbara Idstein
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:11 AM
Subject: March 3 Boy Scouts Meeting


Hi, Alan

I left you a phone message today - unfortunately the center isn't complete and we won't be able to have your March 3 meeting here - so sorry!  I know you were trying for another location for February and hopefully you can do the same thing in March. 

Another alternative is to move the March meeting to the Potocki Conference Center near the soccer fields, but I know parking can be an issue there.  If you would like to try this, please let me know and we can set it up.

Please either respond to this email or give me a call at 470-3035 so I know that you are aware that 3/3 meeting can't be at NPM.

I think we should be ok by April - I sure hope so!

Sorry again for the inconvenience!


Barb Idstein

Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center

24932 Veterans Way

Mission Viejo, CA  92692


(949) 470-3035

(949) 855-6932 (fax)


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