Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Special Patch & Recruiting

Ok, I am not for sure what the official special patch is for inviting a friend that attends the Pack Meeting next Tuesday at 6:00PM; however I found this one on eBay and I am pretty sure this is what it looks like in real.  This is a temporary award and can be worn on the pocket; however, I do stand corrected on the need to remove the immediate recognition from the uniform if an award is worn.
The image

Here is the official rule:
Only one temporary patch may be worn at a time; however, Cub or Webelos Scouts may wear the Progress Through Ranks (Immediate Recognition) or Webelos Compass Points Emblem suspended from the right pocket button in addition to any temporary patch attached on the pocket.

Holders are available at the Scout Shop

The official Recruiter Strip is only earned if one of the friends invited joins the Pack and is attached to the Scouts Uniform centered directly below the right pocket on the uniform..
The image

If you have any questions on the Buddies Theme or Recruiting, please see this letter from the Western Region BSA Office.

The address for Castille Elementary School is: 24042 Via la Coruna, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Meeting Location: Multipurpose Room (also known as, the Den)

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