Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bears on Bikes

We are finally Bears...

I mean Bears on Bikes!


Yesterday was a perfect evening for our bike ride.  The boys pushed themselves all the way to the train tracks in hopes of hearing a train pass by in the evening commute.  As summer begins our kids will be outdoors a lot more and safety is very important as we start given them the opportunity to explore this amazing World.


After tiring some of the gluteus muscles we stopped along the creek bed and reviewed some of the items covered in Achievement 14 regarding Bike Riding and Safety.  I urge Akelas to spend some time exploring the twenty-four (24) achievements and look for those opportunities in your child’s growth where the things he does everyday can be improved upon through the various topics in the Bear Handbook.  Specials thanks to Ms. Sartoris for being our lead rider and Mr. Simpson for ensuring all the Scouts remained on the path.


As we begin to move these boys closer to Boy Scouts and Troops the Bear Handbook introduces them to numerous achievements where the Scouts finds those of interest and pursues them to earn an advancement much like merits in Boy Scouts.


From our presentation at Blue & Gold it takes twenty-one (21) merit badges to earn the designation of Eagle (along with other items and of course the project).  To obtain the rank of Bear our Scouts need to complete twelve (12) of the twenty-four (24) achievements.  We will cover these as we did in the past at Den Outings; however, we only introduce these items and I encourage every Scout to take time to read over each achievement to get a better understanding of the material.


One concern came up yesterday on the reminder for the Outing and I have found a solution.  It was mentioned that the monthly summaries I was sending out a few months ago were extremely helpful for families to use in planning despite knowing about the events.  I could not agree more to that idea as we got a great turn out after sending a simple little reminder, yesterday.  However, the monthly summaries took a lot of work to write and in fact took a day (between other activities) to complete and be reviewed.


In the effort to save time and to help ensure these little reminders are delivered I am going to set everyone up within our Google Calendar on an invitation basis to events.  This will allow a reminder to be sent four days ahead of time to help parents with planning and also allow us to gauge the attendance at the Outings.  Best of all no registration needed within Google to accept invitations.  For those needing additional time, please check out our Den Page at pack766den6.blogspot.com for our calendar and please accept my apology as we might be planning a little too far in our planning meetings and yes simple reminders seem to help a lot of parents.


I know that some of our items on the calendar when postponed pending safety inspections, equipment and of course construction.  On that note the Norman Center is completed as of June and we have been invited to use there building for our meetings through the rest of the year.  We are also in the process of securing New Hart Middle School (right next door) through Capo Unified.


Again thank you all for making a difference in our Scouts.  Oh and special thanks to Mike for the awesome shirts as I saw a lot of our Scouts sporting them on the bike ride.

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