Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Memorial Weekend Service Projects

Memorial Day – Good Turn for America

Troop 772 & Pack 766 Community Service Project

Sorry for missing everyone last night. I wanted to make a very special announcement regarding a unique activity that is planned for the Friday before Memorial Day.

Every year we as parents enjoy the first three day weekend of the year and the start of summer. However, this holiday is generally celebrated with little or no reference to its meaning.

This year we are teaming up with a local Troop to help make this holiday very special to both our scouts and our veterans.

On Friday, May 23, 2008 at 5:15PM we are asking all of our Cubs (all levels) and their parents to come out to El Toro Memorial Park (25751 Trabuco Rd) in Lake Forest. Each Cub Scout & Akela will be given a map and a 2-4 gravesite locations of unmarked (no reference to military service) veterans and flags to place as they decorate the park and pay respect to those who served our Country. There are a total of 55 sites that are not marked (many hands ...). This is a full uniform activity and we ask all Cub Scouts and Leaders to be dressed accordingly, if possible.

Once completed the Scouts are encouraged to help the older Boy Scouts by possibly carrying and handing them flags as they go throughout the park. The project should take about an hour and a half and the memory will last a lifetime.

I encourage every parent to make every effort to free their schedules for this event. Please respond with confirmation of your attendance so we can coordinate the activity efficiently.

Den Leaders: Please forward to your Akelas and reply with a tentative head count, as soon as possible.

Good Turn for America goals includes the following:

* Inspire youth and adult leaders in and out of Scouting to higher levels of service and volunteerism.

* Provide additional program experiences to help youth members learn qualities of good citizenship and gain a sense of belonging to and being needed in their communities.

* Build service collaborations with community organizations across every community in the country.

* Affirm the BSA as the nation's leading collaborating organization in community service.

* Heighten our nation's awareness of BSA's service commitment to all communities and citizens.

Please R.S.V.P.

From: Cashin Family
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:50 PM
To: Bud Bales
Cc: Jack Auld (Scouts); Rick Wallace; Thomas S. Sales
Subject: Troop 772 Memorial Weekend Service Projects


It is getting close enough to Memorial Day to begin the planning, so I am sending you this email to launch the coordination. Due to personal health reasons, someone else will end up being the adult coordinator for Troop 772; that person will get in touch with you when identified. In the meantime, hopefully you and I will be able to get the planning portion rolling this week.

The following is a rough outline of the activities (from the perspective of Troop 772 support):

Friday, 23-May-08:

Troop 772 will set up flags on the grave sites for veterans, using our flags. We will arrive around 5:15 PM. We will interface with Pack 766 who will assist with the flag plantings, and can provide them with flags to place on the unmarked gravesites from the maps you provide to them. We expect to have a good turnout, so should be done by 6:30 PM or even earlier.

Monday 25-May-08, ~ 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM.

Troop 772 will set up the cross memorial. If you could again have your people drop off the crosses at the sidewalk near the exhibit site, it would be appreciated. Also, last year you were able to loan some string / pegs to facilitate a straight pattern – that would be appreciated this year as well if possible.

We had talked last year about having an Explorer troop that you know do the traffic control before and after the ceremony. I just got back from our troop committee, and the feedback was that we would appreciate it if you could do so rather than have our troop do traffic control on Memorial Day.

Tuesday 26-May-08, ~ 5 PM – 6:30 PM

Troop 772 will take down the flags, and will strive to be out of the park by 6:30 PM to allow you to lock your gates as usual by 7 PM.

Can you let me know whether the above plan looks good to you?

Thank you!

Bill Cashin

Troop 772

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