Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FW: Casper's Camp Out list

Pack 766 Winter Campout at Casper Regional Park Update

The following have stated they will be attending the campout later this month. If you are interested in going and your name is not on the list, please respond as soon as possible. The cost is usually $5/person to help offset the cost of food; however, it might be changed to den/camper hosted I will keep everyone updated.

From: Robertson, Mark
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 2:54 PM
To: Kimberly Keen
Cc: Dalphy, Amy ; Don Clem; Denamarie; King; Julie Miller; Larry Work; Larry; O'Keeffe's; Peter Puchalski; Peter Puchalski; Strouds; Tom Miller
Subject: Casper's Camp Out list

Leadership Team:

These are the families I currently have signed up for the campout at Casper’s (I don’t see the Dalphys or the O’Keefes):

Robertson – 5 - WE1 & Tiger

Puchalski – 5 - Tiger

Schumann – 4 – Wolf

Baker – 3 WE1

Thomas – 4 – WE1

Bass – 4 – Tiger

Potter – 4 – WE1

Clem – 3 – Wolf

Fatigate – 4 - ?

Labigan – 3 – Tiger

Slymen – 4 – Bear

Finch – 2 – Bear

Hansen – 4 – Wolf

Prosser – 4 – Wolf/Tiger

Grabowski – 7 – Tiger

Miller – 5 – Bear (should be confirmed)

Stroud – 3 – WE1

Let me know if we have any adds or deletions…


From: Kimberly Keen
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 9:29 AM
To: Robertson, Mark
Cc: Dalphy, Amy ; Don Clem; Denamarie; King; Julie Miller; Larry Work; Larry; O'Keeffe's; Peter Puchalski; Peter Puchalski; Strouds; Tom Miller
Subject: RE: Leader Meeting Notes Mar 7 '08

No, we did not discuss the campout. Can you please send the current list of attendees so that we can see how the Dens are represented? As everyone is already paying their own camping fees, I am leaning toward the Pack paying for the food. FYI - Mike Fatigate told me that, with notice, he can arrange for donations of things like cases of water and refrigerator space from Ralphs. Once we know how each Den is represented, then we can look at assigning tasks like breakfast setup, etc to a given Den.


"Robertson, Mark"

03/10/2008 08:31 PM


"Dalphy, Amy ", "Denamarie", "Don Clem", "Julie Miller", "Kim Work", "King", "Larry", "Larry Work", "O'Keeffe's", "Peter Puchalski", "Peter Puchalski", "Strouds", "Tom Miller"



RE: Leader Meeting Notes Mar 7 '08

Pack Leaders,

Were any details of the forthcoming camp out discussed during the meeting? I have had several cancellations for the campout, we are down to 61 attendees (much more manageable).

How will be handling the food? Are we charging XX amount per camper to cover the food costs? Should we have a planning meeting after the pack meeting on the 18th?

Ill will send out an email with the details as soon as they are finalized.


From: Dalphy, Amy
Saturday, March 08, 2008 11:16 AM
Amy Work; Denamarie; Don Clem; Julie Miller; Kim Work; King; Larry; Larry Work; Robertson, Mark; O'Keeffe's; Peter Puchalski; Peter Puchalski; Strouds; Tom Miller
Leader Meeting Notes Mar 7 '08

Following met last night for Pack 766 Leadership.
A. Schumann
K. Stroud
S. Stroud
D. Baker
J. Baker (gray member)
L. Dalphy
A. Dalphy

Please read the notes for your actions as many were unable to make the meeting. Attendees please add anything I missed.

1. March Pack Meeting March 18th, Castille Elementary
a. Flag by Webelos Dens
b. Announcements – Kim has the full agenda and it will include
i. Jeannette to speak on SOR
1. Five book minimum per cub
2. The cubs will do a skit – hopefully can practice at May Pack meeting
3. The pack will not have a booth
4. Alan investigating a possible booth sponsor
5. Anyone else with a possible booth sponsor – the Pack gets a portion
ii. Denamarie to speak on Relay for Life and Day Camp
c. New Cub Introduction – Alan to get details on new cub to Scott/Kim
d. Achievements
e. Recycling Talk by Denamarie if she can get collateral
f. Activity – Newspaper Yo-Yos and Plastic Lid Toss to the Recycle Bin
i. Den Leaders mail dens – cubs need to bring plastic lids from coffee-cans, margarine tubs etc. to play lid toss game
ii. Denamarie to bring newspaper and rubber bands for YoYos, recycle bins for toss
iii. Kim to bring other tubs for toss
iv. Two groups Web/Tigers, Bear/Wolves, one group at each activity
1. Yo-yo’s in MP room
2. Lid toss outside
g. Parents to Day Camp Sign up and help with activities
1. April Pack meeting – Theme is Abracadabra – den leaders please mail dens to see if we can find a magician to perform for the pack meeting
2. May Pack Meeting Moved to May 13th as Carden 4th grade (and parents of those cubs) will all be in Sacramento on the 20th
a. Jeanette – can you arrange with the school to move our meeting to that date? Please confirm back to all leadership
i. Den Leaders - Once Jeanette confirms please inform your dens so folks have ample time to adjust their calendars
b. Theme for May is Leaf it to Cubs – Tom you were going to look into the Outdoor Education Center, if it is not open do you have another idea? J
i. Anyone else with an idea please send it to the group
4. June Pack Meeting – Saturday, June 7th at Doheny
a. Den leaders please mail your dens for this important date so we have as many cubs present to transit the Cub-O-Matic
5. Recruiting – we need to do Spring recruiting at both Castille and Carden. We will have a recruitment at the May Pack meeting
a. Jeanette – can you find out if we can do flyers, banners etc?
b. Amy – check for same at Carden
c. Amy mail council to ask Bill to contact both Schools to do direct recruit for both new cubs and leader for new Tiger Den (next years Tigers, those in Kindergarten/JP this year) – Done, awaiting response
d. Amy mail to find out recruitment dates and incentives – Done, awaiting response
6. Banner – do we have one?
7. Next Meeting Friday April 4th 6:00 p.m.

Amy Dalphy
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc
9740 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618
Office: 949 462 7561

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